Industrial Waste Water Recycling Oil Waste Water from Tank Cleanout

Vessel Tank Cleaning Systems Custom Built Systems

Oil and Gas Industry

  Treatment of Oil and Hydrocarbons from Water, Both Fresh and Sea Water Treatment of WBM, OBM and Drilling…

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Waste Water Treatment Systems

      Contaminated Drinking Water Recycling Processing Systems Industrial and Oilfields offers numerous systems that can be used…

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Engineering Services

Oily Waste, Hydrocarbon Mixed With Water Treatment Systems Design   We offer different types of machinery ranging from Aeration…

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About Us



Industrial and Oilfields Procurement Services is a Minnesota based company that specializes in providing solutions to  Industries of today. We provide Environmental companies with cutting edge systems to help with the management of the Waste Streams they manage daily. We also serve Oil Industry,Tank Cleaning Service, Oil  Petroleum Fluids reclamation companies and Water Treatment and Management Companies.

Our main services are tailored to help Environmental Companies that support the Oil and Gas Industry be it Onshore and Offshore Drilling Operations, by providing them with engineering and other services to help them procure, setup and utilize new technological systems that are needed for their operations to make them more efficient at processing their waste streams.

We build Tank Cleaning Systems, Waste and Fresh Water Processing Systems for Tank cleaning service companies by designing systems with flexibility, low operational and maintenance costs taken into account in our customization to suit our clients. Systems can be mobile or stationary processing facilities. IAOPS has the capability and technical expertise to help in the construction and setting up of these systems if required on site by the customer.

Industrial and Oilfields Procurement Services provides technical services for existing machinery and systems already installed on sites around the Globe. We work with the various machine manufacturers to get the best results for our clients and to reduce operational downtime as much as possible.

We have one aim here at IAOPS use innovation to drive today’s industries whiles providing our customers with timely and cost effective ways to get their industries the maintain a high level of efficiency and competitiveness in today’s Global market.